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We are currently looking for an Intern to join the Public Health Unit team for REACH at IMPACT Initiatives in Geneva, Switzerland.


Throughout the period of the internship, the Intern will develop foundational knowledge of the four humanitarian public health sectors (food security, health, nutrition, and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH)), including the core conceptual elements for each sector and how data is collected, analysed, and presented for each of those sectors (individually and collectively) within the context of humanitarian responses. This means gaining broader exposure to data collection and analysis practices in the humanitarian sector, including various methodologies and tools.

The objective would be to contribute directly to the implementation of the flagship data collection exercises to support the overall annual planning and prioritization in a humanitarian crisis. Gaining practical experience of the international humanitarian coordination system, especially among actors working in public health related sectors, and develop an in-depth understanding of one or several of today’s major humanitarian public health crises would be the objective of this internship. Being able to potentially move to a full-time field-based position to conduct primary research within the humanitarian and international development sector would also be a possible end goal envisioned for this role.


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